New Transaction Mining Online. Makers Can Receive ONES as Rewards Through Transactions

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2 min readOct 30, 2020


Dear OneSwap users,

OneSwap has been online for more than a month. Despite the recent recession in the DeFi boom, we are still confident of the prospects of DEX and committed to proving OneSwap’s value through solid actions. In addition to continuous optimization in the product, we have been systematically deploying OneSwap on the Tron network for the past days.

When it was first launched, OneSwap creatively rolled out order mining in the DeFi field by virtue of its innovative advantages of the AMM (automated market-making) model combined with on-chain order book”, attracting a large number of users and injecting vitality into this platform.

We always believe both the ultimate product experience and users are essential to the long-term development of OneSwap. Due to multiple factors such as the market environment, the order book-derived mining event were suspended at the beginning, which also constrained the full play of OneSwap’s innovative advantages and discouraged our users.

To encourage users to further experience OneSwap’s features and attract more users to participate, thereby enhancing the liquidity of the platform and enriching the incentive mechanism of ONES, we have, based on community suggestions, re-optimized OneSwap’s mining mechanism, and will officially launch a new transaction mining function on 00:00 October 28, 2020 (UTC).

The rules of transaction mining are as follows:

1. Participation method: Maker order executed on OneSwap can receive ONES equivalent to 20% of tx fee generated by Taker order as a reward. Reward will be allocated to To-be-withdrawn Mining Earnings in real time.

2. The white list of tokens: To ensure that the transaction mining is true and effective, only token paid as transaction fee in the token whitelist will be regarded as transaction mining and get reward.

You can also view the whitelist of all tokens on the transaction mining page. We will review and update the white list regularly, and you can also apply with us through submitting a ticket..

In addition to transaction mining, OneSwap has also supported yield farming and referral mining, all with ONES rewards. In yield farming, a total of 5,000 ONES are provided as rewards per day, and the inviters in the referral mining event will get the ONES equivalent to 20% of the transaction fee paid by the invitee (the Taker) when the transaction is completed.

Rules of yield farming:

Rules of referral mining:

The DeFi craze may gradually fade, yet the future that demonstrates the value of DeFi has arrived unannounced. We appreciate your company with OneSwap on its development path. If you have any suggestions or comments on OneSwap, please feel free to leave us a message.


October 27, 2020

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