Law Enforcement Request Guide

Coinex India
1 min readJan 2, 2021

We will respond to law enforcement requests from authorized law enforcement officials with proof of authority. This Law Enforcement Request Guide explains how authorized law enforcement officials can engage and contact us to request information.

CoinEx Global Limited is responsible for processing requests related to all other law enforcement from all jurisdictions, in accordance with our terms of service, our privacy policy, and applicable law.
Please contact the following email address for all other enforcement requests:

To aid the expeditious review of information requests, law enforcement officers should provide in the request:
1. Please send the email through the email address from a government domain and provide the official website of the law enforcement authority;
2. An investigation inquiry letter including the name, address, telephone number and email address of the law enforcement authority. The letter shall be addressed to the specific legal entity(ies):CoinEx Global Limited;
3. Proof that the officer is authorized to request the information (proof of authority);
4. Proof of identification and current position within the law enforcement organization of the officer ;
5. The name of the specific legal entity where you require the information from;
6. Other specifics of request, including:

How we should authenticate the investigation inquiry letter
Any public address or transaction IDs in text format or an Excel file (not PDF)
State a reasonable deadline
Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request for international law enforcement