About Perpetuals Auto-Deleveraging (ADL)

When a trader’s position is liquidated, the position is taken over by the CoinEx liquidation engine. If the liquidation cannot be filled by the time the mark price reaches the bankruptcy price, the ADL system automatically deleverages opposing traders’ positions by profit and leverage priority.

Note: If you are deleveraged, you will be sent a notification. Open orders will be cancelled and you are free to re-enter. The price at which a traders’ positions are closed out is the bankruptcy price of the initial liquidated order.

1. ADL Priority Ranking Calculation

Deleveraging priority is calculated by profit and leverage. More profitable and higher leveraged traders are deleveraged first. The system splits these positions by longs and shorts and ranks the positions from highest to lowest.

(If PNL percentage > 0) Ranking = PNL Percentage * Effective Leverage (If PNL percentage < 0) Ranking = PNL Percentage / Effective Leverage

Effective Leverage = abs(Mark Value) / (Mark Value — Bankrupt Value)

PNL percentage = (Mark Value — Avg. Entry Value) / abs(Avg. Entry Value) Mark Value = Position Value at Mark Price
Bankrupt Value = Position Value at Bankruptcy Price

Avg. Entry Value = Position Value at Average Entry Price

2. ADL Indicator

In Position info, your position in the queue is shown by an indicator. This indicator represents your priority in the queue in 20% increments. The lighter the indicator, the higher your position in the percentile.

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